Triumph SchooL4Kids


The Coat of Arms of the Triumph School4Kids consists of a wisdom shield, upon which is emblazoned in purple, three Adinkra symbols. The first from the left signifies (akuko nan) parenthood/care/tenderness/protection; at the center (dame-dame) is our commitment to intelligence and ingenuity; and the third (boa me na me boa wo) is interdependence/cooperation/helping one another. These symbols are superimposed in the upper half of the Wisdom Shield on a bright white background. The lower half of the Wisdom Shield consists of different kids from different families, showing our love to engage all families in improving the lives of children. The general outlook of the shield symbolizes wisdom.

The Motto or purpose statement of Triumph School4Kids is: We Learn for Life – (Latin phrase: Non scholae sed vitae)

The color codes are:

  • Wine: the brand color of International Child Resource Institute

  • Purple: Royalty, nobility, victorious

  • Yellow: Intellect and energy

  • White: safety and sincerity


Triumph School4Kids (TS4K) is a neuroscience-based school: Our interdisciplinary approach includes comprehensive, high quality and cross-cutting early childhood practices based on the latest approaches in the field; along with our deep understanding of the latest neuroscience research into how young children learn and thrive. TS4K utilizes an emergent curriculum approach that matches with highest quality curricular approaches that honor and “scaffold” the natural curiosity and creativity of each child in building their ability to learn to think for themselves at every opportunity, to create for themselves through process vs. product art and to engage in highly varied forms of oral, artistic, and written communication each day within the programs. Our School is committed to creating and nurturing a child-centered environment of support, success, and safety for each child and family who become a part of our community of lifelong learners.

Skillful consideration went into the design and setup of TS4K with designated spaces for free play, focused play/learning and quiet reflection. Bright and friendly ambiance greets you and gets you to explore more of our adequate facility as you walk through the door of our premises.

At Triumph School4Kids, we believe that learning is a lifelong process that is best fostered through the natural course of play/activities. It is through active play that various aspects of the child's development (social, emotional, cognitive, language, creative and physical) come together and that the child organizes experience and gives meaning to his or her world. Play involves the opportunity to explore, create, invent, hypothesize, test and discover. The challenge at Triumph School4Kids is to build upon the child's innate desire to learn. TS4K provides an environment for growth in which children are encouraged to learn about the world through their senses, feelings, and minds.


The first goal for any ICRI program is to ensure the health and safety of the children in care. Before energy and focus can be placed on curriculum improvements, Triumph School4Kids has these goals:

  • Clean drinking water is consistently available

  • Children have access to Healthy meals and snacks

  • Classroom/building is in good repair and provides enough space for the number of children in attendance

  • Outdoor space is accessible to children, appropriate for the weather and can hold the number of children

  • Materials are in good repair and provide varied learning opportunities for the children

  • Staff members are fully vetted and provide a safe, warm and loving environment for all children

  • Medical attention and immunizations are provided as needed



Triumph School4Kids staff believe that each child is an individual with unique cognitive, social, emotional, and physical strengths. These strengths can best be supported and developed for the child to attain his/her greatest potential by helping children to experience great success, solve problems, resolve conflicts and learn limits in a caring and stimulating environment. The Staff establish an environment in the school through the development of experiences and activities that emerge from the exploring, problem-solving, and imaginative play of children.

Triumph School4Kids teachers guide children's development through the environment they create, the information they provide, the questions asked, the planning done and the behavior they model.

Each of our staff members are extensively trained. Before the start of each school year, staff are trained for one week, during the Teacher Preparation Week. This training covers staff professionalism, communication with parents and other staff, dress code, classroom environments, curriculum, discipline, food and nutrition program, and building a community within their center. Throughout the year, our staff are expected to take part in staff development days focused on improving curriculum approaches. Our staff act as a team, and in addition to the Teacher Preparation Week and staff development days, there are weekly Head Teacher meetings and monthly staff meetings. The Director and teachers communicate and support each other throughout the year to ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them


At triumph Schoo4Kids, we believe there are three primary teachers in a child’s life; the first teacher is the parent/guardian, the second teacher are the teachers at the child's school or program, and the third teacher is the environment in which the child exists. With this in mind, TS4K is committed to building a relationship with parents that is based upon great mutual respect, honoring of the parent role each day and helping the parent to engage at multiple levels within the program given the available time of the parent. Any Parent can feel assured that everything from their child’s academic learning to interactive and creative play to teach valuable lessons to take through life is catered for by the staff of Triumph School4Kids. This is the perfect place for Parents to send their children for balanced learning, care and nutrition.

Furthermore, communication and community are key parts of TS4K’s philosophy and approach. TS4K values the relationship between home, child and school. We believe that a child’s learning and development is the joint task of parents, teachers and child. Teachers at TS4K centers strive to establish communication with families through school events, classroom and school wide newsletters, conferences and daily discussions.

All teachers and programs see themselves as responsible for the healthy growth and development of each child in their care. All parents should see themselves and responsible for engaging as a team member in collaboration with their children’s teachers and school leadership, as partners in the healthy growth and development of their children. And all children should see themselves as empowered by their programs to take responsibility for problem solving, interactive communications, and support and engagement with other children in their program in an environment with no “wrong door”, supporting curiosity, creativity, and learning constructively through the developmental process that is often referred to as play. This integrated approach is evident at Triumph School4Kids.

One of the most important rules at TS4K centers is that individuals must be safe with their actions and their words. This rule guides the approach to discipline at TS4K centers. We use a problem solving and conflict-resolution approach to discipline children. Teachers and staff gently guide children to help them realize the effects of their actions upon one another and to understand the results of their behavior. Children are taught to be considerate of one another and are encouraged to seek out solutions to problems with each other. Our goal is to have each child learn to make ethical and respectful choices.

For more information, contact ICRI Ghana, or reach directly at:

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