World Forum

The mission of the World Forum Foundation is to promote an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings. ICRI is partnered with the World Forum to support it's events, groups, and global networking. Every two years ICRI and it's global change-makers are leading figures at the World Forum on Early Care and Education conference and ICRI heads up the Global Collaborative OnDesign for Children - the World Forum's Working Group which shares resources, news and ideas on designing effective and nurturing environments for children around the world.

Witkin Foundation

Through its extensive experience of working throughout the Bay Area, The International Child Resource Institute (ICRI) has identified that there is a great need to support and improve early childhood education in the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa. ICRI, with funding from the Witkin Foundation, has implemented the Early Childhood Improvement Project (ECIP) to provide assistance to early childhood centers and related programs. This program allows ICRI to assist in providing services to early childhood education programs through:

  • Teacher training workshops introducing modern innovations in early childhood curriculum delivery

  • Assisting programs in integrating the latest neuroscience research on the neurological development of children from birth through 8 years of age

  • Assistance with design of interior and exterior environments including the development of low-cost, high quality alternatives for making innovative spaces for children

  • Assistance with administrative/reporting challenges and with enrollment, attendance, and record keeping

  • Any other areas where an early childhood program feel would benefit from receiving expert supports on all program aspects.

ICRI is reaching out to low-income serving programs in Alameda and Contra Costa counties by first gathering information on programs that can best make effective and substantive change for children by utilizing inputs and program improvements from our team of early childhood experts. If you are interested in learning more or involving your program in this project please contact Ken Jaffe at

University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago

ICRI began it's partnership with the University of the West Indies, Trinidad &Tobago in 2016 through it's Open Campus. Since that time UWI Open Campus and ICRI have worked together to improve the development and operation of early childhood programs, which bring best practices from around the world to the children and teachers of the Caribbean through the development of university laboratory preschools. These preschools work to model best practices and foster training, development and research in the region.

The Haiti Community Foundation (FCH-Espwa) and Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action (ESPWA), Haiti

The Haiti Community Foundation is a local Haitian community foundation and platform for collaborative and sustainable development. The Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action is a non-profit led by Haitians focusing on the development of the long term capacity of Haitian organizations and the promotion of Haiti's civil society and philanthropic structures. Together, these two groups have partnered with ICRI to improve the development and operation of local early childhood programs, local school gardens and health clinics, skill building for local workers and other community development and employment needs for the region of Grand'Anse, Haiti.

Hamnava Institute, Iran