Since 1981, the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI) has been providing expert technical assistance and consultation to businesses, governments, foundations and organizations in the establishment of child care centers, the development of resource and referral programs and the implementation of a wide variety of work and family policies. Using an extensive information base of model national and international child care programs, ICRI is able to bring the best from around the world to each project. The most up-to-date and appropriate data regarding programs, needs assessments, curricula, facility development, program implementation and evaluation, training, cost effectiveness, tax advantages and more is incorporated into each contract.

Types of Technical Assistance 

Since ICRI’s inception, we have been called upon to provide expert consultation to carry out work in the following areas:

·      Child Care Needs Assessment Studies -- The determination of population most in need of services, probable utilization rates and strategic placement of services. ICRI has full capability to administer surveys and analyze complex data through an extensive computer system and expert data analysis.

·      Child Care Program Development --The provision of detailed plans necessary to initiate new programs in areas such as regulations, legal status, facilities, staffing, health and safety concerns, insurance, public and parent education, coordination and related services. 

·      Child Care Administration and Oversight -- ICRI provides administrative oversight and operational support to a select group of model child care and early childhood development programs.

·      Resource Development and Fund Allocation -- Assistance to new or ongoing programs, legal bodies (cities, counties and states) and philanthropic groups in the development of successful short and long-term program support strategies and appropriate deployment of funds designated for children’s services.

·      Program Evaluation and Modification Studies -- Assistance to ongoing projects or funding agencies in systematic assessment of services and programs to determine strengths and weaknesses and to propose necessary modifications. 

·      Legislative and Planning Support -- Provision of leadership and support to local and national government bodies through participation on advisory committees, task forces and planning groups to improve services to children locally and worldwide.

·      Design and development of state or the art innovative early childhood buildings and outdoor areas. -- Our work with the central bank of Malaysia, the Dalian Software Park in China, the California State Assembly and Senate, Lucas Films, Amgen, Genentech, and 100’s of others exemplify ICRI’s work to create outstanding environments for young children.

·      Oversight and operation of early childhood programs - ICRI has been requested to oversee and/or operate high quality early childhood programs throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Our design and development work has often led to our being requested to oversee or operate the centers that we have designed. The oversight work has included acting as the company or government’s representative to assure that services are being delivered by the early childhood operator at the highest level of quality and consistency.

ICRI has carried out this type of corporate support and education in work related early childhood programs throughout the U.S. and in +15 countries.  

Consultations Provided, Needs Assessments, and Implementation of Recommendations 

The following corporations, cities, counties, countries, and groups have benefited from ICRI’s expertise: 

  • Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc. -- San Leandro, California -- Conducted full needs assessment and feasibility study and developed parent committee. Provided consultation on review, design development, licensing and administrative oversight of a high quality model child care facility and program serving 1,500 employees. Continues to provide oversight, staff training and work with parents.

  • Santa Clara County Transportation Agency, San Jose California -- Worked on entire program from site development and design to RFP development and procurement of a child care operator to fully implement this first of a kind model child care center located at the multi-modal transit station in the South San Jose area. Worked on funding mechanism using federal transportation funds for construction of this unique child care center for community residents and transit riders. Recently signed 3rd contract with the County to provide oversight and administration during center’s first year of operation. Ground breaking for this model center occurred on October 13, 1994.

  • County of San Mateo, Redwood City, California -- Conducted needs assessment, including a complete survey of County employees on child care needs, and a feasibility study on the development of child care programs for mildly-ill children for both employees and residents of San Mateo County. Interpreted results of survey and provided options for implementation of a child care program that led the development of the San Mateo County employees Child Care Center located in Redwood City.

  • Lucasfilm, LTD -- Completed all aspects of the development of two child care centers, one on Skywalker Ranch and one for the Industrial Light and Magic Division of the George Lucas company. Worked with parent committees to develop program, RFP, governance structure and selection of child care provider. Provided ongoing program oversight and trouble shooting to these two centers which have now been opened for more than three years.

  • California State Senate and Secretary of State -- Developed governance structure, operational plans, budgets and developed an oversight review and parent involvement panel for consortium of state agencies. Worked on site development and design features, developed RFP and worked with child care panel on interview process and selection of a child care provider. Completed and filed State and Federal incorporation paperwork.

  • City of Antioch, East Contra Costa County Social Services and Antioch Unified School District-- Completed data gathering child care needs assessment and policy recommendations for a City and County consortium developing child care options and alternatives. Worked with School District, Department of Social Services and City to develop plans for increased access to more child care services for low income families.

  • City of Carlsbad, San Diego County, California-- Phase 1 - Developed 20-year comprehensive child care plan for the city. Provided supply and demand analysis, development of funding alternatives, and needs assessment on all aspects of child care for the City. Worked with and staffed City Child Care Commission. Worked with City Research Department, City Manager’s Office and City Council. Phase1I -ICRI was re-contracted to carry out the developed child care plan.

  • Contra Costa Public Works Department, Martinez, California -- Worked on all phases related to the opening of the child care center including development of governance options and hiring of a Center Director. Processed state and federal incorporation packages and prepared licensing paperwork. Conducted training workshops on board and fund development. Currently assisting with the development of grants resource library and fundraising. Developed operating budgets, assisted with development and layout of Center, including purchasing of toys and equipment. Center opened on July 31st, 1995.

  • County of Santa Clara, California -- Analyzed and designed development of a new County Civic Center Child Care facility. Also conducted policy study to determine whether County should initiate a super-agency to govern and coordinate all child care activities within the County.

  • Callaway Golf Company, Carlsbad, California -- Conducted complete needs assessment and feasibility study to determine child care need. Administered survey to 2,500 Callaway Golf employees, analyzed survey results and employee demographics. Worked on start-up, on-going and capital budgets, conducted research on site development and zoning issues, advised child care committee on governance options and worked on the development of an enrichment program and tuition assistance and scholarship funds. Submitted final report of findings and recommendations. 

  • Marin City, California -- Conducted assessment and assistance on development of child care for residents of Marin City.

  • Irvine Chamber of Commerce, California -- Consultation and assistance of a child care plan and renovation of building space for development of child care facilities, program development, funding approaches and marketing strategies.

  • County of Santa Cruz, California -- Conducted assessment of child care needs. Developed and implemented a plan for meeting the identified needs of County employees and the community for quality, affordable, accessible child care. Developed nonprofit structure and parent board of directors for on-site County child care center. Incorporated board of directors and worked with board during one-year period to develop all aspects of child care program including all fundraising to remodel former Juvenile Hall as child care center. Designed and developed child care facility. Facility is now opened as Emeline Child Care Center.

  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, California -- Conducted comprehensive feasibility study, analysis, and provided recommendations for the development of child care options for hospital employees and the local community. Developed child care center, parent committee, program structure and RFP. Selected provider and continue to consult on program operation.

  • Good Samaritan Hospital -- Conducted needs assessment, established governance structure and developed the Center, serving 2,000 employees, as a division of the hospital. Worked with architectural team on child care related design issues, worked with child care advisory committee on all aspects of program. Conducted comprehensive planning study on the development of on-site child care services including sick child care, flexible hours and drop-in services. Center currently serves approximately 120 children.

  • Santa Clara Manufacturing Group -- Analysis of proposed City child care ordinance and its impact on nearly 100 major Silicon Valley corporations.

  • South Tahoe Gaming Alliance, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada -- Comprehensive community child care assessment and feasibility study for seven Lake Tahoe area casinos with 10,000 employees. The study involved the South Tahoe Basin area (with cities in Nevada and California). Development of survey tools, extensive community data gathering, program development and implementation plan for a community wide child care system.

  • Triad Systems Corporation, Livermore -- Needs assessment, feasibility study and operational recommendations for development of child care options for Triad employees and future Triad Business Park employees.

  • Kaiser Hospital of Oakland, Merritt-Peralta and Providence Hospitals, Oakland -- Assessment and program development for a three-hospital consortium needing child care arrangements for over 500 employees for all shifts, seven days a week.

  • Hacienda Business Park, Pleasanton, California -- Provided technical assistance on the development of a child care program and facilities.

  • Clorox Company Foundation -- Provided consultation and assistance on the development of a plan to distribute funds for improvement of child care in Oakland and Alameda County.

  • San Jose Hospital -- Conducted employee child care needs assessment and development of a program plan. The project included a survey, extensive assessment, and assistance on child care option development.

  • Alameda County Spanish Speaking Unity Council -- Provided program consultation for improvement and expansion of child care services.

  • Booth Memorial Children’s Center -- Conducted program evaluation and provided recommendations for the Infant Toddler Program.

  • Hamilton Field Business Park-- Provided report on child care needs for Berg/Revoir Developers.

  • Junior League of San Francisco -- Conducted research and provided model child care program design based on international data for adaptation in the Bay Area.

  • San Ramon Valley School Age Child Care Alliance -- Provided technical assistance for program development and implementation.

  • El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California -- Conducted needs assessment and provided recommendations for initiation of employer-sponsored child care services.

  • Teacher’s Insurance Trust of New York City -- Provided consultation to the world’s largest retirement fund on development of quality standards for the operation of child care centers on nearly twelve billion dollars’ worth of properties in the United States. In addition, ICRI conducted research and analysis on liability issues impacting participants entering into agreements on the operation of child care centers throughout the United States.

  • Micron Technology, Boise, Idaho -- Development of comprehensive child care plan for large high-tech computer firm, including consideration of resource and referral, on or near site child care and related family services to employees. 

  • University of California at San Francisco – Provided consultation and technical assistance for the development and implementation of a comprehensive child care needs assessment for the fifteen thousand employees and students of the University.

  • Camping Unlimited for the Handicapped – Provided consultation on the development of program, fundraising plans and objectives.

  • Discovery Toys – Provided consultation and technical assistance on program and facility development, with complete cost projections, for a model on-site employer-sponsored child care program.

  • Dakin Toy Company International Headquarters – Provided consultation on the implementation of a consortium oriented child care program. Assistance in the formation of a Mutual Benefit Corporation to serve as legal entity for the program; review and analysis of program and facility; full budget projection; development of a marketing plan and prospectus.

  • National Family and Children’s Institute of Ecuador – Conducted comprehensive planning and provided technical assistance and consultation to assist in implementing the Ecuadorian national law on child day care.

  • World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland – Contract I – Worldwide assessment and study of traditional health workers as community health service providers. Presentation of report and findings to WHO for the development of a comprehensive plan to implement new world health programs. Contract II – Evaluation of four traditional healer training programs on three continents to identify common threads and develop a model for replication. 

  • Costa Rica – Consultation on development plans and infrastructure improvement for Paniamor, The National Child Abuse Prevention Foundation.

  • National Department of Social Welfare, Hong Kong – Development of national work-related child care approach and prevention of seminars on the establishment of workplace child care options. Six-week training program in child care program and curriculum for Department official.

  • California Consortium of Child Abuse Councils – Provided technical assistance for the presentation of one day seminars throughout California on non-profit management, board of director development, and grants and endowment development.

  • Northern Telecom – Assessment and Feasibility Study on the location and development of a work related child care center for employees located in Santa Clara and Mountain View, California. Cost analysis and options provided.

  • Broderbund Inc. – Assessment and Feasibility Study on the development of child care options for company employees, including tax advantages, timelines and cost analysis.

  • Walker Schwartz Architectural Firm – Provided consultation on the design and development of children’s playgrounds on publicly owned properties.

  • Irvine Chamber of Commerce – Provided consultation and assistance on renovation of building space for development of child care facilities, program development, funding approaches and marketing strategies. 

  • Alta Bates–Herrick Hospital and Children’s Hospital Oakland – Provided consultation and assistance on the development of a comprehensive child care program, including cost projections, for a consortium child care center for the employees of the two hospitals. 

  • National Trades Union Congress, Singapore – Consultation and presentation of national work related child care seminar for the government officials, corporate leaders and child development leaders nationally. 

  • Ministry of Community Development, Singapore – Presentation of seminar for early childhood center directors from throughout the country.

  • Mahikota College, Malaysia -- Presentation of seminar for directors of pre-school and early childhood centers from throughout the country.

  • Kenya – Presentation of seminar to representatives of ten African nations on the role of parents and early childhood workers in children’s growth and development.



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