THE ICRI WAY: Early Childhood Education & Development


The ICRI Way in Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum approach is a highly refined amalgam of the highest quality, research and evidence-based curriculums from around the world over the past 70 plus years. Given the length of time ICRI has been practicing various curricular approaches and developing best practices in all areas within the field, we are uniquely situated to provide insight and nuance that is rarely found in other programs.

For the last 20 years, ICRI has developed what has been seen by many as a curriculum that offers the highest quality model programs that truly reach the natural curiosity and creativity of every child in our care and that acts as a model program delivery approach in our field. This approach, based upon the latest research on the neuroscience of children’s brain development and observation of highest quality early childhood programs around the world, has lead us to develop a series of standards, methodologies and curricular approaches. With the experience of two decades of continuous work and review with this approach behind us, along with new research and knowledge emerging every year, we have come to the highest level in developing a living, translatable curriculum that can serve infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their teachers and parents each day.

All ICRI program goals are based in Anti-Bias and Emergent curriculum, built using Developmentally Appropriate Practice, and expanded using the wide array of “Funds of Knowledge” from our families and teachers. At ICRI, we believe that learning is a life-long process that is best fostered through the natural course of play, exploration and self-discovery. It is through play that various aspects of the child's development come together and that the child organizes experiences and gives meaning to his or her world. Play involves opportunity to explore, create, invent, hypothesize, test and discover. The challenge at ICRI schools is to build upon the child's innate desire to learn. We provide an environment for growth in which children are encouraged to learn about the world through their senses, feelings and minds. ICRI teachers guide children's development through the environment they create, the information they provide, the questions they ask, the planning they do and the behavior they model.