The Network for Children Prisoners and Dependents (NCPD) was established in 2002 (it was in fact registered with the Government in August2002) and its formation marked the coming together of a group of organizations that are involved in the same field of work and which share the same visions for the future. All the member organizations work to support prisoners in Nepal and specifically the children of prisoners who are dependent on a parent who is in jail. A US organization, International Child Resource Institute (ICRI), was involved in the formation of the network and continues to play a central role in assisting its development.

The shared vision of NCPD member organizations is a society that gives prisoners and their children (and indeed all children who have been disadvantaged in circumstances beyond their control) the chance to build worthwhile and dignified lives. The organizations work together by sharing of information, ideas, resources and expertise.

NCPD's mission is to end the unnecessary suffering and hardship of children of prisoners and prisoner dependants and to help to make prison into a place that can give inmates the chance to reform and reinter into society. The immediate goal of NCPD is to improve the quality life of children of prisoners and their dependants. NCPD member organizations are developing their full potential through a process of networking, information sharing, advocacy, project and program development.

NCPD is run by a small secretariat and is managed by a coordinator. The coordinator maintains constant contact with all member of the network and with the network supporters, surveying the work that is being done and providing advice where needed. The coordinator is a focal point through which information passes. The secretariat advises overall strategies for the organization which are agreed at regular coordination meeting. Furthermore, it initiates and implements shared programs for children, prisoners and dependants. This involves proposal preparation, planning, implementation, monitoring and resource sharing.

NCPD Member Organizations