Central Bank of Malaysia

ICRI designed and developed a state-of-the-art work-related child development center for over 400 children.

World Health Organization

ICRI conducted worldwide research and developed a report and recommendations on the integration of traditional health practices into WHO-funded maternal and child health programming. In a second phase we examined the impact of the training of traditional healers on health outcomes in Ghana, Mexico, and Bangladesh. 


ICRI has provided extensive consulting for Amgen Corporation’s child care and work/family programs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, including feasibility studies, employee child care assistance program design, building/facility design, and monitoring/evaluation. This resulted in the design and building of two California centers serving 460 children and one Puerto Rico center serving 150 children. 

Singapore Ministry of Community Development

Designed and delivered a government-sponsored training program for representatives of early childhood programs throughout Singapore.

University of Nairobi

Provided training and consultation to representatives of ten African nations on promoting children’s health and development.

Costa Rican National Child Abuse Prevention Foundation

Provided strategic planning and capacity building for the National Violence Prevention Program, Paniamor, leading to the establishment of a more robust national structure to prevent violence against children throughout Costa Rica.

Dalian Software Park Child Development Center

Designed an award-winning, state-of-the-art, work-related early childhood center in the second largest port city in China, serving the largest software in all of Northern China. This award-design was chosen as one of only 37 case-studies in the seminal book Kindergarten Architecture by Jure Kotnik.

IBM Global Work/Life Fund

ICRI has had several consulting agreements with IBM including a global healthy childcare project to improve health conditions in early childhood programs in China, South Africa, and Argentina, an in-home care project to improve training and child protection in India, Brazil, and Spain, and current early childhood teacher training projects in more than 10 cities in India. 

Brunei Ministry of Education

Conducted national assessment on the feasibility of adding 3 and 4 year olds to the national public five year old preschool programs. Developed findings, recommendations, and an action plan to add 10,000 children to public preschool programs. 

Croatian Humanitarian Network

Conducted intensive nongovernmental organization trainings to build the capacities of more than 100 non-profits to serve orphaned, traumatized, and at-risk children during and after the armed conflict. 

Canton of Tuzla, Bosnia

Worked with the government of this municipality to strengthen services to orphaned children and assist their leadership group in understanding new techniques in providing psycho-social support to children. 

Past International Clients Include:

  • Knowledge Learning Corporation

  • Educare Children’s Centers

  • National Family and Children’s Institute of Ecuador

  • Clorox Foundation

  • Kellogg Foundation

  • S.H. Cowell Foundation

  • Munselle Brown Architects

  • UNICEF Malaysia

  • UNICEF International Headquarters

  • Hong Kong Department of Social Welfare

  • Swedish National Association of Municipal Governments

  • Women for Women International

  • Singapore National Trade Union Congress

  • Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Dakin International

  • Hacienda Business Park

  • Micron Technology