In 2006, ICRI was invited to provide consulting and training to several Zimbabwean NGOs. This led to a request from local government authorities to establish a more permanent presence in the country. In 2007, ICRI Zimbabwe was formed and maintains headquarters  in Harare.

Marirangwe Early Childhood Center

ICRI Zimbabwe has partnered with Marirangwe School. Together, they seek to provide a nurturing and stimulating center for children and their families, including a feeding program, and developmentally-appropriate activities to encourage independence, curiosity, and a love of learning. 

Grassroots Coalition

ICRI Zimbabwe provides nationwide support to community-based organizations serving Zimbabwean children and families. We provide training, capacity building, advocacy, infrastructure development, seed grants, and intensive organizational mentoring. Our goal is to strengthen individual grassroots organizations, and to connect grassroots efforts into a coordinated and effective national movement advocating for Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable citizens.


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Intervention Project

We established and/or improved existing programs that addressed the basic needs of orphaned and vulnerable children, including education, health care, shelter, and psycho-social support. Past work includes:

  • Building or developing schools and community centers,

  • Training teachers and other professionals working with young children,

  • Provision of educational materials and financial support to programs serving orphaned children,

  • Triage of children’s healthcare needs through linkages to community-based clinics.

Support for Women and Girls

ICRI Zimbabwe provided intensive support services to orphaned and vulnerable young women and girls, with a particular focus on particularly under-served populations in Zimbabwe: young women who have endured sexual assault, abuse, and/or are HIV-positive. We run accessible drop-in centers where young women can find a safe space and connect to support services including individual and group counseling, educational assistance such as tutoring and scholarships, economic alternatives such as vocational skills building, small business training, and seed grants, and peer-based health education and empowerment. 

Sustainable Families Project

We provided training and assistance to families living in extreme poverty, with the goal of earning an income through raising livestock or growing crops, operating mini-bus services, or opening small businesses.


  • The Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Intervention Project provided early childhood education training and materials to 17 programs, serving a combined total of 2,100 children.
  • Support for Women and Girls has provided support to 40 young women, and training on the rights and needs of young women to 300 community members.
  • The Grassroots Advocacy Project has provided capacity building, training, and organizational mentoring to 23 grassroots organizations serving children and families.