ICRI has worked to start or improve programs for children and families in Africa for over 20 years. In 2005, ICRI opened an office in Nairobi to support larger-scale work in Kenya as well as to serve as a regional headquarters for all of ICRI’s programs in Africa. Maggie Kamau-Biruri is the Founding Director of ICRI Africa, and oversees a talented staff working on a variety of projects to support children and families in Kenya and beyond.

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Daraja Early Care and Education Program

Daraja is the Swahili word for “bridge,” and this program works to build access to high quality and developmentally-appropriate early childhood education for Africa’s poorest children. Our Watoto Wonder Bus is a mobile teacher training program that brings expert trainers and innovative materials to schools and child care centers in low-income areas. We provide intensive, on-site, side-by-side training and mentoring to teachers and administrators. We also work to provide educators with alternative approaches to teaching that engage children and provide an activity-driven learning environment.



Through the generous support of the Arthur B. Schultz Foundation, ICRI Africa has begun distributing micro-loans to small business owners who lack the collateral to receive traditional bank loans. In turn, the recipients pay back their loans in the form of in-kind contributions to community-based organizations serving low-income children and families. This innovative program seeks to offer individuals the self-sufficiency needed to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, while simultaneously contributing to the economic wellbeing of their larger communities.

Grassroots Advocacy Project

The GAP project works to support grassroots organizations assisting women, children, and families. We provide capacity building, intensive organizational mentoring, networking, and resource sharing to community-based organizations. We also distribute small grants to emerging organizations working at the grassroots level in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.


KidSafe Project

ICRI Africa has developed an innovative, culturally-specific, rights-based child abuse prevention curriculum. We host regular trainings for professionals of all disciplines, to build awareness and skills in child abuse detection, intervention, and prevention. We also train participants in child advocacy and assist them in developing and implementing child abuse prevention policies in their schools, workplaces, and communities.


  • Over 12 early childhood programs, serving over 700 children, have received intensive early childhood training, materials and support from the Daraja Program.
  • Over 19 individuals have received small business loans, totaling over $44,000, through the Social Microenterprise Initiative.
  • ICRI has distributed over $150,000 in small grants, as well as capacity building and intensive organizational mentoring, to over 20 organizations participating in the Grassroots Advocacy Project.
  • Over 45 child advocates have been trained in child abuse prevention by the KidSafe Project.