Introducing the Nepal Emergency Health Project

ICRI is proud to introduce the Nepal Emergency Health Project.

The Road to Care Can Be Treacherous

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In Nepal, thousands of people die each year due to the absence of a formal emergency response system. When someone suffers from a serious injury, a sudden illness, or a heart attack, they must rely on a neighbor to treat them. If no one in their town can help, they will have to take a taxi many miles to the nearest hospital, often across bumpy and treacherous mountain roads. Even if they are one of the few who can afford a private ambulance, many emergency vehicles are not equipped with the medical equipment or personnel to help them. And when they do make it to a hospital, they may still be out of luck– emergency centers often lack properly trained physicians and necessary supplies to save their life. 

Everyone Deserves the Right to Response

International Child Resource Institute has 36 years of experience working with child and family health across the world and over 17 years working with projects on the ground in Nepal. Our work has shown us firsthand the value of widely-accessible health care. We believe that everyone should have access to quality, affordable emergency medical care. By establishing the Nepal Emergency Health Project, we aim to provide the necessary tools to help local physicians, nurses, community health workers and community members improve existing emergency services. We are partnering with emergency care centers across Nepal to establish in-depth emergency medical training programs, equip existing facilities with necessary medical equipment, and raise awareness. This effort will lead to a comprehensive project that will save lives each day.