ICRI India has been at work for more than 10 years, working in 9 cities with funding from the IBM Global Work/Life Fund to train thousands of early childhood educators to develop higher standards for child development and education, as well as, understanding their roles as teachers and program leaders.

In addition, ICRI has also worked with families and children utilizing the latest practices in the field, including certain forms of Circles of Caring, where health and wellbeing, teacher training, parent education and community development are all part of the early childhood experience. 

Now ICRI has made partnership agreements with some of the largest and most effective organizations serving marginalized and at risk children and families. One such organization, Apne Aap, serves thousands of mothers and children. These mothers have been trafficked to the greater Mumbai area and have become sex workers in the very large red light district. ICRI has agreed to revamp Apne Aap's programs serving children of these sex workers, and the workers themselves. New vocational training programs will be developed and offered to these women to assist them in finding a way out of grinding poverty and local disenfranchisement.

In addition, ICRI has also been requested and is now developing partnerships with other large organizations that focus on other critical issues such as orphans, women's empowerment and literacy. 

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