ICRI has worked with various government and NGO agencies in Sweden for more than 30 years. Most recently, ICRI has been asked to address issues in children’s program policy design and operation.


ICRI has been requested by the Swedish Foreign Ministry to provide seminars and presentations to visiting groups of legislators from the United States and other countries. Because of ICRI’s deep knowledge of comparative child development and policy issues ICRI's leadership has given presentations to such groups as the leaders of the california state assembly and senate through a comparison of policy and legistlation on early; childhood education, teacher requirements, center and family daycare curricula, and new policies developed for special needs children. 

Immigrant and Refugee Children & Early Childhood Education

In Sweden we are beginning o work with early childhood and related programs in areas of high immigrant and refugee populations. Because of the recent move to allow non-governmental or for-profit agencies to make proposals to operate early childhood or school programs using government funds, ICRI is being asked to establish certain early childhood centers for immigrant children where home languages are utilized and teachers from home countries are part of the faculty. In the 1990s, ICRI Europe received funding from the European Union to create a coordinated network of youth councils in Eastern and Western Europe. ICRI continues to provide training on youth development and child advocacy to these councils and to community-based organizations serving European youth.


  • Over 5000 teachers have received training from ICRI Europe on global best practices in early childhood development.
  • Over 300 youth have participated in youth activity programs designed to integrate immigrant and refugee children into Scandinavian society.