ICRI has had a continuous presence in Europe since 1981. We were initially invited to offer child advocacy training for universities and community leaders in Sweden and Norway. We opened our first European office in 1990 in the Netherlands, and in 2004 moved our office to Scandinavia, where we remain involved in programs serving children and families in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Early Childhood Development

For close to 30 years, ICRI has been involved in European early childhood training, programs, and policy dialogues. We have collaborated on early childhood initiatives with the Swedish National Child Development Forum, Humanitas Foundation of the Netherlands, and several NGOs. We have also offered early childhood training through five Scandinavian universities.

Immigrant and Refugee Children

Much of ICRI’s European child advocacy work has focused on immigrant and refugee children. In Norway, we partnered with local Immigrant Refugee Councils and the National Sports Council to integrate immigrant and refugee youth into local youth athletic programs. ICRI Europe has also advocated for the needs of immigrant and refugee children through its participation in various European Union youth development coalitions and networks.

Youth Development

In the 1990s, ICRI Europe received funding from the European Union to create a coordinated network of youth councils in Eastern and Western Europe. ICRI continues to provide training on youth development and child advocacy to these councils and to community-based organizations serving European youth.


  • Over 5000 teachers have received training from ICRI Europe on global best practices in early childhood development.
  • Over 300 youth have participated in youth activity programs designed to integrate immigrant and refugee children into Scandinavian society.