ICRI has been working in Ghana since 2000, when we were invited by local community members to assist with a project for orphaned and displaced children in rural villages in the Volta Region. In 2003, ICRI Ghana opened a full-time office in Accra, and today runs Early Childhood Development (ECD) related activities such as restructuring workshops in public school-based ECD centers.


  • Bring our resources, expertise skills, to assist the less privileged in society
  • Seek and promote child rights in our communities.
  • Empower and build the capacity of children to become good citizens.
  • Ensure that teachers adapt contemporary teaching skills for children to appreciate and understand what is being taught.
  • Provide technical support to early childhood development program in Ghana.
  • Seek funding to support the program.


ICRI Ghana has partnered with several outfits to impact more lives and provide quality and sustainable Child Care assistance and services. Some partners of ICRI Ghana include the University of Education, Winneba; Carayol College, Ghana; the National Nursery Teacher Training Center; and the Inspired Leaders Network, Ghana. These outfits assist Child Ghana Resource Institute with knowledge, skills, leadership and in-service training for administrators, teachers, caregivers, and other practitioners of Early Childhood Care/Education and Development.

Early Childhood Care and Education (Teacher Training)


ICRI Ghana provides in-depth training for teachers and administrators on effective methods in early childhood and primary education. ICRI provides learning materials (majority of which were crafted from found objects), ongoing evaluation, and mentoring to transform existing schools into child-friendly spaces that spark the development of curiosity, wonder, and innovative thinking. Results from our training show a better understanding by the beneficiaries of the training on their responsibilities as care-givers are to ensure the rights of children in the community.

ICRI Ghana supports Accra, Kasoa (Central Region), and Hwidiem (Ashanti Region). Other beneficiaries of our training programs include: Zone B & C Day Care Centers Association, Ghana National Association of Private Schools (over 500 members, serving over 5000 children in Accra) and Early Childhood Development students of the University of Education, Winneba.

ICRI Ghana Early Childhood Development (ECD) Consortium

ICRI, in collaboration with institutions such as the National Nursery Teacher Training Centre and the Ghana Education Service, works to provide in-service training through seminars and workshops for long-term practicing teachers. We have reached over 1,100 ECD teachers with all levels of training and experience. The Consortium aims at attracting several ECD practitioners to enroll as members of the Consortium to create, learn, and share innovative and developmentally appropriate ideas on the best practices in ECD approaches.  The Consortium has over 100 registered members who benefit from our Resource Center and other programs we run at the Country Office.

ICRI Ghana Early Childhood Development (ECD) Resource Centre

ICRI Ghana manages an ECD Resource Centre in the Country Office at La Wireless, adjacent Duke International School. The centre incorporates unique early childhood development curricula by providing ECD practitioners with hands-on experience in implementing developmentally appropriate early childhood education. The Resource Centre is also stocked with found items, given out for free to the users of the centre. There are well-trained, enthusiastic staff members to assist users on how to develop their own activity corners using the found objects. 


ICRI Ghana Model Preschool

ICRI Ghana Early Childhood Model Preschool is located in the heart of a low income community in Accra. The Model School provides a  framework for addressing early childhood care in Ghana and complements our Teacher Training Program. The school seeks to provide a warm, secure, nurturing, and academically stimulating center for children and their families. The program provides teachers with more engaging approaches to teaching that provide an activity-driven learning environment. With the child as the focus, the Model Preschool is staffed with highly motivated, skilled, and experienced Early Childhood teachers, caregivers, and administrators.


Girl Child Program

ICRI Ghana’s Girl Child Program provided intensive training, mentoring, and social support to at-risk young women in Accra. The majority of women enrolled in the program would not otherwise be able to access any educational or vocational training opportunities. Young women who participated in the program received: intensive instruction in batik, beading, and other traditional art forms, small business training, and microloans to begin their own enterprises.


  • 3,500 Ghanaian teachers have received training from ICRI Ghana in best practices for early childhood education.
  • 4,000 children in the lowest-income areas of Accra, Kasoa, Winneba, and Hwidiem (in the Ashanti Region) have received high quality education from ICRI Ghana-affiliated schools.
  • 500 young women have received vocational training and support services from ICRI Ghana.