Early Childhood Education Program Transformations



You had big dreams for your early childhood program when you started. How well does that vision match up with where your program is today?

  • Does your program rise above the rest?

  • Is the curriculum cutting edge?

  • Does your classroom design promote your curriculum goals? Does your outdoor space extend your curriculum?

  • Is your enrollment strong?

  • Are you happy with the bottom line?

  • Does paperwork consume your day?

  • Do staff members work as a supportive team?

For over 34 years ICRI has developed and overseen early childhood programs for Fortune 500 companies, transformed individual early childhood centers and primary schools, and worked with government and non-profit organizations around the world. We’re ready to go to work for you.

Take the next step in making your dreams for your program a reality by taking our questionnaire, calling us at (510) 644-1000 or emailing us at info@icrichild.org.