A Free Resource on Safe & Healthy Child Care

Around 10 years ago ICRI partnered with Work Family Directions and the IBM Global Work/Life Fund to develop a project with a primary goal of promoting and maintaining child health and reducing illness and injuries in child care. The ultimate result of this project was the website Healthy Child Care, which helps people around the world promote and maintain child health and reduce illness and injuries in child care. 

Healthy Child Care Website

Healthy Child Care resources are designed to promote and maintain child health and reduce illness and injuries in settings where children are cared for on a daily basis. More than twenty health and safety materials are available for free to parents and caregivers of young children – whether a spouse or other relative, nanny, housekeeper, neighborhood child minder, or child care center. Learn about topics such as illness and injury prevention, food preparation, emergency preparedness, and safe practices. The website also includes free access to downloadable resources and self-guided training materials.

The website is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin, and is periodically updated with most recent and relevant information, so if you haven't seen it before, check it out! If there are any other questions you have about childcare safety that aren't addressed on the website, feel free to email us at info@icrichild.org.