Melanie Jones Impacts ICRI Nepal

Last Spring ICRI consultant Melanie Jones, founder of Speak to Children, and volunteer Giulietta Pezzaniti visited ICRI's Nepal office to begin the training of 28 Nepalese teachers. You can read more in depth about their journey at their blog Outrageous Goodness.

Youth in Nepal have few opportunities to express themselves, so it can be more difficult for them to develop self-esteem or hope for their future.  As a consequence, they more easily accept the violence performed against them by their families, schools and communities. We know that those who have violence perpetrated against them are frequently doomed to repeat that violence against others. This vicious circle has to be broken. The youths are vulnerable, but they are our hope, they have the power to bring change. Speak To Children's character education program has begun to empower Nepal youth to break this vicious cycle. Training their educators on how to teach the Speak To Children's program has brought harmony in the classroom.

Melanie and Giulietta Pezzaniti successfully piloted Speak To Children’s program in Nepal, in partnership with ICRI-Nepal. ICRI-Nepal integrated national teaching training programs into the new national center for learning resources established in 2005. The broader goal of NCLR is to transform the dull, rote-memorization, un-stimulating, sometimes violent and teacher-centered school education systems into joyful, meaningful, and creative experience for children as well as their teachers learning environments.

In Nepal, Melanie and Giulietta trained five women master trainers who have received training from The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) in Israel and twenty-two teachers. These trained teachers then taught the program in twenty-two schools. Melanie, Giulietta and ICRI Nepal Directors followed up with training participants and to reinforce lessons from Speak To Children. Through the provision of trainings to 100 key teacher trainers throughout Nepal, our programs have already reached 12,000 children that have been able to be able to gain self-esteem and are more empowered to continue their education. We believe the program will continue to provide the foundation for children to seek better paying more fulfilling jobs and become the leaders of the next generation. 

The collaboration between ICRI Nepal and Speak To Children’s impact on at risk children in Nepal is further illustrated in the following chart. The number of Nepalese children that Speak To Children’s program has impacted:

  • Number of early childhood development intervention school districts - 18
  • Number of early childhood development centers - 16
  • Number of children served below the age of 12 currently - 7,350
  • Out of 7,350 number of children served below the age of 6 - 800
  • Number of children who have benefitted from NCLR since 2005 - 28,500
  • Number of teachers trained by Melanie Jones and Giulietta Pezzaniti - 100
  • Number of children who trained by local trainers after receiving the Speak To Children program within one year period at 100 trained teachers x 4 trainings per year x 30 teachers per training - 12,000

ICRI is also happy to announce that Melanie is planning another trip to an ICRI office in Africa, so stay tuned to our social media accounts and our blog for future updates.