Growing Change in Ghana


ICRI's office in Ghana has been partnering with several outfits in order to impact more lives and also provide quality and sustainable child care assistance and services to the people they work with. Some partners of ICRI Ghana include the University of Education, Winneba; Carayol College, Ghana; the National Nursery Teacher Training Center; and the Inspired Leaders Network, Ghana. 

Through our early childhood development center partnership, ICRI Ghana continues to provide in-depth training for thousands of teachers and administrators on effective methods in early childhood and primary education serving tens of thousands of poor children in the country. ICRI provides the learning materials (majority of which were crafted from found objects), ongoing evaluation and mentoring needed to transform existing schools into much more child-friendly spaces that spark the development of curiosity, wonder and outside-the-box thinking.


ICRI's Early Childhood Model School is located in the heart of a low income community in Ghana’s city Accra. The mission of the Model Preschool is to provide a new framework for addressing early childhood care in Ghana and also to complement our Teacher Training Program. The program provides teachers with alternative approaches to teaching that are more engaging for children and that provide children with an activity-driven learning environment. With the child as the focus, the model school is staffed with highly motivated, skilled, and experienced early childhood teachers, care-givers and administrators.

We look forward to the continuing successes of ICRI in Ghana, as we grow new partnerships both locally and internationally and start working towards new projects, which include setting up another child care center in an affluent suburb of Accra. We hope you continue to stay up to date with our news in Ghana!