ICRI Ghana Partners With INDOMIE

A great partnership was formed in January, when ICRI Ghana received a sponsorship package from Multi-Pro Private Ltd (INDOMIE) to support the Health Monitoring and Treatment Program (HMTP) of the children at the ICRI Ghana Model Pre-School. The company agreed to donate a total of $1800 to be dispersed over the period of 12 months, providing service provisions and medicine for the HMTP and other items worth over $1000 (cartons of Indomie noodles, t-shirts, exercise books and painting of the school’s fence wall). It would have been very challenging for ICRI Ghana to get medical officers to routinely screen the children at the preschool without INDOMIE’s intervention. ICRI deeply appreciates the generosity of INDOMIE, and sincerely hopes that this association will be maintained and that INDOMIE will continue to support ICRI Ghana in its future endeavors.

ICRI Ghana Early Childhood Model School is located in the heart of a low-income community in Accra, Ghana. The mission of the Model Preschool is to provide a new framework for addressing early childhood care in Ghana and to complement our Teacher Training Program. The program provides teachers with alternative approaches to teaching that are more engaging for children and that provide children with an activity-driven learning environment. With the child as the focus, the model school is staffed with highly motivated, skilled, and experienced Early Childhood teachers, care-givers and administrators.