Heal the World: From the U.S. to Lesotho

AIDS Orphan Care, fiscally sponsored by ICRI, is an international non-profit that brings people together to care for HIV-affected young children. In 2011, only its second year of full operation, the organization achieved tremendous success in raising over $30,000 for AIDS orphans in Southern Africa through various projects in the United States. Following principles of “no salaries, minimal overhead, and no waste,” AIDS Orphan Care gave all proceeds to locals in Lesotho, a country with the 3rd highest HIV rate in the world.Lesotho has more than a quarter of a million HIV-positive people and twelve thousand are children, of whom 110,000 are AIDS orphans. TITLE

“You don’t have to go toAfricato help people with HIV/AIDS,” said founder Deborah Kutenplon.

We are so honored to be a part of this achievement. Here are some highlights from 2011:

Spreading Peanut Butter

Last year, the Peanut Butter Project expanded to a second site—the Baylor Pediatric HIV Clinic in remote Qacha’s Nek, Lesotho— to help another 130 malnourished HIV-positive kids get better nutrition, in addition to the 150 children served at the clinic in Leribe. Through this project HIV-positive kids will get extra protein and energy at every doctor’s visit when along with HIV care, they’ll get a big tub of peanut butter. PBJ

Riding for a Cause

Marc Reich, a resident ofIowa, biked for seven days, 470 miles across his home state in one of the worst heat waves in recent memory. If you are wondering why, it was to raise money for AIDS orphan care.

“I have pondered how to make my seven days of pedaling about something more than sore legs, 15,000 new friends, and a rolling party across Iowa and have decided to use my Iowa foolishness to raise awareness and money for AIDS Orphan Care,” said Marc, who succeeded in raising over $1,000.


The Walkathon

On May 15, 2011, a community of 150 walkers participated in the first annual walkathon atLincolnWoodsState ParkinLincoln,RIand raised over $21,000 for AIDS orphans and HIV-positive kids inLesotho. For every person who walked, there were five others who supported them with a pledge. Supporters came from as far away asCalifornia,Vancouver, andArgentina. “The cause brought people together to help children they have never met,” said the staff.



Mamello Primary School

In 2011, AIDS Orphan Care provided free breakfasts and lunches and paid teachers’ salaries when the government stopped inMamelloPrimary School. Founded to serve HIV-positive children stigmatized at regular public schools inLesotho, Mamello attracted more than 300 students from 14 rural villages.



“It is probably through your assistance that the school is functioning in a coherent way with the orphans, vulnerable children and learners with disabilities. We are so grateful you stand by our side to take care of them,” wrote Me’ Mamello, one of the school’s founders.

New Year Resolutions

This year, ICRI would like to invite you to learn more about the continuous accomplishments and goals of The AIDS Orphan Care. Please join our efforts to fight HIV/AIDS and bring health and happiness to more children in the world!


Make a tax deductible donation online (www.AIDSorphancare.org) or by mail ($50-school lunch for an orphan for a year; $100-peanut butter for 30 malnourished kids for a month; $200-food for the orphans in Rebecca’s care for 6 months):

AIDS Orphan Care—ICRI

PO Box 135

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