Letter from Nepal

ICRI Nepal is thrilled to be hosting intern Emelie Stavholm.  Emelie, an early childhood educator from Sweden, will be working with our National Center for Learning Resources program in Kathmandu.  She has kindly agreed to provide us with regular updates on her experiences in Nepal.

 I have now spent one week inKathmandu,Nepal, a city full of intense traffic, many temples and warm and friendly people. It is the first week out of three months at the ICRI-Nepal office where I will be conducting my internship. I arrived alone but am already feeling as a member of the ICRI-Nepal family due to the warm welcome of the ICRI-Nepal staff.

ICRI Nepal Staff


Now, a short introduction seems at place. My name is Emelie and I am a pre-school teacher from Gothenburg,Sweden. I am currently enrolled in the Global Studies Master Program at GothenburgUniversity. My wish is to combine these studies with my knowledge of Early Childhood Development (ECD). By doing an internship at ICRI-Nepal I have been given the opportunity to both learn from and contribute to the field of ECD inNepal.

Already within the first week I had the possibility to meet with the two facilitators Ms Susan Rai and Ms Ram Badan who both are board members ofNationalCenterfor Learning Resources (NCLR ), an ICRI-Nepal project. These two ladies has many years of experience within the field of Early Childhood Development (ECD) and I had the great opportunity of seeing them in action. With so much energy and enthusiasm they managed to get the attention of everybody in the room, no one was left untouched. With the help of acting, singing and story telling, they train teachers in (among other things) first aid equipment at ECD-centers and pre-primary schools and the importance of working creatively with young children.

I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with these ladies from whom I have much to learn. That they are part of ICRI’s global family can only mean great success.

Teacher training in progress


Participants engaged in a training session