ICRI presents the El Nuevo Mundo Class of 2011!

Fifty one students from the Venaditos (little deer) class of El Nuevo Mundo graduated on August 12, 2011. While the ceremony congratulated students and their families for their hard work, staff and speakers stressed the importance of encouraging students to continue the pursuit of education, to college and beyond.

The excited graduates could hardly contain their excitement backstage! Over the course of the evening, they participated in a Parade of Flags, sang songs in sign language, danced and recited poems.

Director Blanca Silvana Mosca-Carreon and alumni parent Alejandro Rios hosted the ceremony, with special guests John Marquez, Godfather of El Nuevo Mundo, Ken Jaffe, ICRI Executive Director, and Ruth Fernandez, Manager of Education Services at Contra Costa County.

Congratulations, venaditos! We look forward to seeing the good work you will do in coming years.

Photo credits: Judah Lakin