El Nuevo Mundo

El Nuevo Mundo is a bilingual child care center in Richmond, California.   It was founded in 1978 by Dr. Roberto Cruz as a model concurrent bilingual preschool program. The center was affiliated with National Hispanic University for over three decades.

The center is funded by the California State Department of Education.  El Nuevo Mundo boasts a beautiful atrium and ample indoor/outdoor space for up to 97 children.  The program has been enormously popular with local families and maintains a lengthy waiting list.  There is a highly dedicated and experienced staff who clearly care deeply about the children.

ICRI has been involved with El Nuevo Mundo in numerous capacities for several years, and in February 2011 took over the full-time operation of the center.  We are thrilled to have El Nuevo Mundo become part of the global ICRI family!  We are honored to be involved with this vibrant, welcoming center for bilingual youth.