Improving water sanitation and health in Kenya

At ICRI, we take a comprehensive approach to child advocacy.  We believe that children don't exist in isolation, and any effort to assist children must also reach out to their family, school, and community.  Likewise, we attempt to look at the whole child, and to support efforts to help children with all aspects of their healthy development. To that end, when we recently had the opportunity to partner with UNICEF to promote access to clean, safe drinking water in rural Kenya, we seized the opportunity!

We are so thrilled with the outcome of the resulting WASH Project (Water, Sanitation, and Health), which worked to improve sanitation and reduce incidence of waterborne diseases in Marsabit, Isiolo and Samburu, Kenya.

Now that the pilot project has been successfully completed, we are working on expansion and replication of the incredible work done by ICRI Africa and our community-based partners.  Improving access to clean, safe drinking water for children and families is an important step towards our goal of empowering the village to raise the child.

Check out this brief documentary to learn more about the WASH Project and ICRI Africa!