Pay Tounen Lo

Remember when we made a very exciting announcement back in November?

Straw Into Gold was co-authored by Ken Jaffe, ICRI’s Founder and Executive Director, and Leslie Falconer, CEO of Mother Goose Time and longtime ICRI supporter.  Ken and Leslie created a hands-on manual, packed with ideas for creating stimulating, developmentally-appropriate learning experiences for young children using found objects or recycled materials.

As we said back in November, “what is most exciting is that the ideas in the book can be implemented around the world for little to no cost, even in areas where teachers and children currently lack access to basic learning materials.”  We knew the book would be tremendously popular—but we had no idea how quickly it would be embraced by educators from around the world!

We’ve received reports back from teachers in Nepal who are using the book both in their classrooms and in teacher training programs.  Educators in rural Zimbabwe have told us that the ideas in the book adapt successfully to their extremely resource-challenged classrooms.  And perhaps most exciting of all?  The book is already being translated!

First up: Creole (Kreyol), for use in Haiti.  A talented team has adapted the language and content of the book to allow for immediate use by Haitian educators working to create an early childhood education system from the ground up.

We are thrilled to see how Straw Into Gold is used by educators around the world—if you’re one of them, please let us know your thoughts!