Ghana Girl Child Program

At ICRI, we believe that women and girls must be allowed to advance themselves and their communities without discrimination, exploitation, or gender-based violence. We also believe that investing in young women and girls is one of the most effective means of transforming society.

One ICRI project that exemplifies our commitment to young women is the Ghana Girl Child Program.  This ICRI Ghana project provides vocational training and social support to at-risk young women in Accra.  It is led by our Country Director Hannah Odjenma-Botchway, as well as a number of young women who have previously graduated from the program.

Young women participating in the program receive intensive instruction in batik, beading, and other traditional art forms, as well as small business training and microloans to begin their own enterprises after leaving the program.

ICRI Ghana's Girl Child Program primarily serves young women who would not otherwise be able to access any educational or vocational training opportunities.  We commend Hannah and all the participants in the program for their efforts to create vital opportunities for young women and girls!