Dr. Jane Goodall honors ICRI

Dr. Jane Goodall is a longtime friend, advisor, and supporter of ICRI.  We were extremely fortunate to co-host a reception, book signing, and lecture with Dr. Goodall during her visit to the Bay Area in October 2009.

The event served as a joint fundraiser for ICRI and for Roots and Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute that supports environmental education and youth development.  We are so grateful that Dr. Goodall has brought ICRI and Roots and Shoots together, as there is a substantial overlap in the mission of both of our organizations, and we have been embarking on some exciting collaborations together!

Dr. Goodall spent time meeting with youth from Roots and Shoots and from ICRI’s HOMEY program, who spoke with her about their efforts to create change in their communities.  Dr. Goodall then attended a private reception at ICRI’s Heart’s Leap School with supporters of ICRI and Roots and Shoots, where she signed copies of her book “Reason for Hope” and took photos with each guest.

Finally, Dr. Goodall spoke to a crowd assembled at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts about her lifelong efforts to achieve peace and security for humans and animals.  Dr. Goodall’s words were a stirring reminder that, as she noted, “Young people, when informed and empowered, when they realize that what they do truly makes a difference, can indeed change the world.”

Thank you so much to Dr. Goodall and to our partner Roots and Shoots for making this exciting event possible!  We are incredibly grateful for the support of everyone who attended the event, and for the commitment of our generous sponsors: Knowledge Learning Corporation, Amgen Corporation, Alabaster Foundation, and Lakeshore Learning Materials.