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The book Six Steps to Successful Advocacy: Changing the World For Children offers an interdisciplinary approach to child advocacy, nurturing key skills through a proven six-step process that has been used to train child advocates and create social change around the world. This page is here for you to learn more about advocacy and share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with "Six Steps to Successful Advocacy".





Global Advocacy Tour

In 2014 ICRI will begin a advocacy tour around the world, holding workshops to train child advocates, based on the steps laid out in "Six Steps to Successful Child Advocacy". We are partnering with groups and organizations around the world to organize this tour, and will be holding half-day, 1-day, and 2-day workshops.

If you are interested in hosting a stop on our tour, wish to partner with us in some way, or want further information, please email us at



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